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HughesNet Gen5 Internet uses the latest satellite technology for bigger downloads at lightning fast speed! HughesNet Gen5 Internet has introduced a suite of built-in technologies to make your Internet experience faster, more efficient, more convenient and more flexible. HughesNet's customer service is ranked among the highest in the US! With our professionally trained customer care experts, you will always be connected, no matter where you live.

HughesNet America’s #1 Choice for High Speed Internet!

Get the Most Out of Your Internet Experience with HughesNet Gen5 High Speed Internet • Surf the web, shop online and check email with “real time” speedfaster downloads, instant email access • Download music, apps, and games with lightning fast speed • Watch movies and videos without buffering • Update and connect with friends and family through social media and video • Share photos, video, and more with HughesNet Gen5 high speed internet

All HughesNet Gen5 High Speed Internet Packages Include: • Free standard installation from HughesNet professional technician • Free HughesNet email account • Free HughesNet email defense with spam and virus scan • 24/7 Customer Care from our BBB A+ rated customer care center

Introducing HughesNet Gen5 SmartTechnologies HughesNet satellite is America’s #1 satellite internet service provider and on the leading edge of technology and customer satisfaction. That’s why they have introduced Smart Technologies, a collection of built-in technologies to enhance your internet experience and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a faster, more efficient web. SmartTechnologies from HughesNet Gen 4 HughesNet Gen5 satellite offers • SmartFetch™ technology, giving you a better high speed internet browsing experience with web pages that load faster • SmartCompression™ allows you to use less data so you can do more online! SmartCompression™ shrinks web data up to 30% enabling you to stay within your data allowance! • SmartResources™ uses the HughesNet status meter so you can monitor your data usage at a glance. Use HughesNet tokens to increase your data allowance if you need it! • SmartBrowsing allows HughesNet Gen5 customers that live within select areas to continue emailing and browsing the internet even if you exceed your data allowance.**

Why Choose HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet?

With super fast speed and large download capacity, and built in SmartTechnologies, it’s no wonder HughesNet Gen 4 high speed internet is the best choice in satellite internet, no matter where you live! As long as you have the Southern sky in clear view, you can experience America’s #1 high speed internet service. HughesNet uses state of the art satellite technology to bring you a fast and reliable internet connection. Gone are the days of dial-up internet, missed phone calls and the inability to use the phone while online. Unlike cable providers with limited cable and DSL infrastructure, HughesNet high speed internet can reach you no matter where you live. HughesNet offers FREE standard installation of the latest equipment by a friendly, knowledgeable HughesNet approved professional who will ensure you are securely connected in no time. With HughesNet satellite internet, help is never far away 24/7 customer care. We have expertly trained customer service professionals that monitor our networks for optimum performance from several of our HughesNet Satellite Network Operations Centers.

HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet Service is Making Your Internet Better Than Ever

HughesNet Satellite Internet has over 40 years experience serving customers in North America, no matter where they live. HughesNet has a proven track record of serving more Americans, in more places, over a longer period of time, than any other satellite internet provider. Whether you live among the bright lights of the big city, or in a small town surrounded by amber waves of grain, HughesNet Internet Service can deliver dependable and fast internet service directly to your door, no matter what your address. Only HughesNet internet has the equipment and infrastructure that can reach America’s rural areas and provide you with the fastest, most reliable connection. HughesNet Satellite internet technology has become the service of choice for many because it is 10x faster than dial-up connection and is available in more locations than DSL. Customers also like the convenience of having access to the internet while also being able to keep the phone lines free. Perhaps the greatest benefit to becoming a HughesNet satellite internet service subscriber is having access to the internet anytime, whether it is for online shopping or checking email, you are always on.HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet service uses the latest technology and equipment to bring lighting fast internet to your home or business. Early in satellite technology satellite dishes were large and obtrusive. Not anymore! HughesNet has made huge advances in the satellite technology space that have allowed for a smaller, more compact, and modern looking dish. In addition to round-the-clock high-speed Internet availability, HughesNet satellite internet customers receive other benefits as well. By signing up for a satellite high-speed Internet plan, customers receive:

• Five or more email accounts each with up to 2 GBs of storage space. • Spam and virus protection. • Blog creation tools. • A customizable Web portal where you can access news, information, and all your favorite Websites in one place. • Online account management. • 24/7 Technical and Customer Care support.

When you subscribe to HughesNet Gen5 you are provided with tools that can help you manage your account. From billing to managing HughesNet webmail service, or even if you need to upgrade your HughesNet data allowance with HughesNet tokens, our website gives you the tools. HughesNet also provides an easy to read list of FAQs, troubleshooting articles, and other high speed satellite internet help as well as access to our award winning 24/7 customer care and technical support staff. HughesNet uses the latest satellite technology to offer rural customers a better internet experience than they can get anywhere else. Choose HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet Service Today and Make Your Tomorrow Better! When you choose to subscribe to HughesNet Gen5 you can relax and know you are in good hands. Once the HughesNet satellite internet equipment is installed and calibrated to your location, the technician will go over how to use the equipment and service to ensure you get connected and stay connected. Once you have the internet up and running, HughesNet Gen 4 internet service will transform the way you use the web. Pages will load faster, video will run smoothly, and shopping online will be effortless. Why wait? Pick up the phone and call HughesNet and make us your satellite internet service provider today!

HughesNet Satellite Internet Service Has The Right Plan For You

No matter how much time you spend online, HughesNet Gen 4 internet service has the right high speed internet plan to fit your lifestyle. Understanding that users have different needs, HughesNet Gen5 internet plans are designed with you in mind, with something for everyone.

For HughesNet Gen5 customers that are casual users and simply check emails and pay bills online, you may need a plan with a small amount of data. In that case, The Choice Plan from HughesNet Gen5 satellite internet plan would be the perfect plan. It would allow you the freedom to go online and check email, pay bills, or surf the web while giving you control over your data. If you use the internet more frequently to write a blog, do some online shopping or occasionally download music, HughesNet Gen5 offers you The Prime Plan. This is the perfect high speed internet plan for a moderate internet user, giving you the freedom to listen to music online as well as enjoy popular sites.For internet users that demand the most from their HughesNet Gen5 satellite internet service, we offer The Pro Plan. HughesNet’s Pro Plan allows multiple computers in your home to share photos, videos, download music or games with the fastest download/upload speeds available on the HughesNet Gen5 satellite internet network. With unlimited data, HughesNet Gen5 offers The Max plan. This is perfect for customers who must stay connected or perhaps work from home. HughesNet Gen5 satellite internet service has revolutionized high speed internet for those who live in the city or the wide open spaces. Stop settling for slow internet connections and call HughesNet to get started with lightning fast satellite internet service today!