HughesNet Gen5: Ushering In a New Era of Satellite Internet

Hughes invented satellite Internet, and since its inception has been working to improve it. HughesNet Gen5 is the latest effort to give families and residents throughout the country fast satellite Internet service. HughesNet satellite Internet service is the perfect solution for homes and businesses that are located outside the reach of cable and DSL infrastructure. HughesNet Gen5 satellite Internet delivers high-speed Internet service no matter where you are located.

What is HughesNet Gen5?

HughesNet Gen5 is the fourth generation high-speed satellite Internet service from Hughes.

What does HughesNet Gen5 do?

HughesNet Gen5 is designed to help you get the most out of your Internet experience. By using a combination of high-capacity satellites, customer support and expert engineering, HughesNet Gen5 can offer superior service.

How is HughesNet Gen5 different?

Hughes has always been dedicated to providing an Internet service in areas where options are minimal. But how is HughesNet Gen5 different? It offers bigger, faster, stronger Internet. Wherever you choose to make your home, you can send emails to your family faster, update your blog more easily, listen to music more clearly and share pictures more quickly.

HughesNet Gen5 makes it possible for you to explore the Internet on your own time, in your own home, wherever you live.

Powerful Internet starts with powerful technology: EchoStar XVII

The HughesNet Gen5 service is available thanks in part to the new HughesNet satellite, EchoStar XVII.

What is EchoStar XVII?

EchoStar XVII is a HughesNet satellite, and is one of the highest-capacity satellites ever built.

What does the new satellite do?

EchoStar XVII makes it possible to access the greatest download capacity of any satellite Internet provider.

How is EchoStar XVII different?

As a high-capacity satellite, EchoStar XVII can support high-bandwidth applications. With a multi-spot beam and bent pipe Ka-band architecture, the EchoStar XVII is capable of delivering the highest-quality satellite Internet.

EchoStar XVII joins the existing Hughes satellite network, and will lead the way toward a brighter satellite Internet future.

What are high-bandwidth applications?

  • High-bandwidth applications are all the media-rich activities you love to do online: play videos, make online phone calls, share pictures and listen to music.

  • With HughesNet Gen5, record a video of your nephew taking his first steps, upload it and email it to your out-of-town family members in minutes.

  • Snap a few pictures at your company picnic, upload them to your desktop and make an online album to share with your co-workers.

  • Download the soundtrack to your favorite movie and have it playing throughout your home in seconds.

  • Entertain your grandkids by watching movies right on your desktop.

  • The new Hughes satellite delivers more than just fast Internet. HughesNet Gen5 is fast Internet for your whole family.

Why waste your time with slow Internet when you could have HughesNet Gen5?

Hughes believes residents even in the most remote areas should have the opportunity to have high-speed Internet service. Because of this belief, HughesNet satellite Internet service is available across the entire United States, with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska.

With the major milestone of launching HughesNet Gen5, HughesNet customers will experience additional capacity in a noticeable way — better performance, faster speeds and higher download capacity.

This fourth generation of satellite Internet is the best remedy for households that have been overlooked by cable and DSL Internet companies.

You don't have to wait around for the future of satellite Internet. Get HughesNet Gen5 today.

Rural customers can now experience high-speed Internet thanks to Satellite Internet Technology

Many rural Internet customers have for a long time been limited to dial-up and DSL Internet connections. Unfortunately, the two options have their limitations. The truth is that these residents deserve the best Internet connections just like other residents living in big cities.

Satellite Internet provides the residents of rural areas with the best Internet option for a number of reasons. When one opts for satellite Internet, they do not have to install a telephone line in order to get connected. In addition, satellite Internet from HughesNet is available anywhere within the United States except in Alaska and Hawaii, unlike the other options.

Although Satellite Internet technology uses highly advanced technology, it is simple to understand.

How does Satellite Internet Technology work?

The process of establishing an Internet connection via satellite is simple. It involves three satellite dishes; the one at your house, another one in space, and the one that sends the signal from the HughesNet offices.

When you connect to the Internet, your dish sends a signal to the dish in space that in turn redirects the message to the HughesNet dish at their offices. Although it sounds like a long process because the signal can travel for thousands of miles, the process is extremely fast and even beats a dial-up connection and is not tied to your phone.

Satellite Internet has another huge advantage. Since it is not tied to your phone line, you will not lose service if your phone line goes down. Phone companies are known for taking ages to repair broken phones especially in the rural areas. With satellite Internet, you will have an ‘’always-on’’ connection because this technology is not interrupted by the usual problems that affect DSL and dial-up connections.

Having satellite Internet is a secure feeling knowing that your connection will always be on, and you can enjoy fast, uninterrupted Internet. You can do your online business anytime without any worries.

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Rural Customers to benefit from High-Speed Satellite Internet?

Rural Internet customers have for long been confined to two Internet options namely dial-up and DSL. While the two Internet options may have worked, they are not without their problems.

The entry of satellite Internet into the rural areas has totally shifted the Internet landscape by making it possible for the residents to enjoy fast and affordable Internet connections. Residents of these areas using dial-up connections have had to choose between using the Internet or their phone.

When rural telephone lines break down, it sometimes takes a long time for them to be fixed. If a household depends on dial up connection, the residents may be forced to live without Internet services for a while as a result of this breakdown. It is also a fact that not all areas are served by telephone lines making it difficult for some residents to access Internet services.

On the other hand, satellite Internet technology is available everywhere because it does not depend on physical telephone lines. This technology makes use of a satellite dish to deliver the high-speed Internet.

How Satellite Internet Technology Works

Despite sounding like it is a complicated process, satellite Internet technology is a pretty straightforward process. It involves three satellite dishes. The first one is located at your house; the second one is in space while the third one is located at the offices of the Internet provider.

When you are connected to the Internet, your dish sends a signal to the dish in space. At the same time, the satellite on space receives the message and sends it to the dish at the office.

This entire process is so rapid that you can surf the Internet at high speeds. In comparison to dial-up or DSL, the satellite process is much faster with the added advantage that your telephone line remains free.

In addition, satellite connection is not affected by physical factors hence you are likely to receive a service at all times. It is for this reason that HughesNet Satellite Internet promises you an ‘’always-on connection’’.

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The Reviews are In: Customers Love HughesNet!

Compare HughesNet to the competition, and you'll soon discover that there are an overwhelming amount of positive reviews for HughesNet and our satellite Internet services. It's no secret that there are a lot of customers in rural America that are sick of dial-up, and tired of dealing with satellite Internet providers that make promises, but never deliver. HughesNet's a better provider, and our reviews reinforce that idea every day.

Why Do So Many Customers Prefer HughesNet Over the Competition?

  • Availability: Wherever you are in the lower 48 states, HughesNet can provide you with faster download speeds and upload speeds than dial-up or DSL. If you have a clear view of the sky, you can have some of the best satellite Internet in the world on the consumer market today.
  • Convenience: DSL and dial-up send information over your land line phone connection, which means that they will tie up your phone. Even if you get a dedicated line for your DSL connection, you could still deal with interference over the line that could disconnect other devices or cause static over the line. With HughesNet satellite services, you won't have to worry about that.
  • Speed: With speeds of up to 12 Mbps download, HughesNet is almost 100x faster than dial-up. That's fast enough to download your favorite family photos, send your latest music demo to a friend, or just play online games without the sort of stuttering lag that could lose the game. HughesNet gives you the edge.
  • Compatibility: Whether you have a Windows machine, or a Macintosh, HughesNet can work with your computer. You can even connect HughesNet with your video game console, mobile wi-fi device, and more, giving your entire household the option of connecting to the Internet on an increasing range of online devices.
  • Service: HughesNet is a long time company with a solid reputation in customer service, professional installation, and some of the best trained technicians in the industry. A network just wouldn't be the same without great people making sure that it's operating smoothly every day, which is why HughesNet hires some of the best and brightest customer service representatives, technicians, and engineers from around the world to deliver a higher standard of service to its customers.

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